Dyeing To Meet You

So here we are, on the "About Me Page"! I've never been great at introducing myselfI so hang in there.........

I am an Indie Dyer living just outside of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I live in a house and no, it is not on the side of a mountain! But it is very close to the mountains. Each skein listed is hand-dyed personally by yours truly and each one is unique. I find my inspiration from all things Canadian, Eh.  Living at the edge of the Alberta Rockies and having easy access to wildlife and nature sure does help a gal. A short drive west and I am drowning in colour. I wanted to share the beauty of the West Country with those who do not have the opportunity to experience it first hand.

The fibre community is full of so many amazing people, whether it's dyers, knitters, hookers, designers or shop owners, I knew I had to be a part of it. So Red Fox Fibres was created and has become so much more than I had dreamed. I feel like I can breath again, like I'm sucking in that mountain air and twirling on top of a mountain. Cue the music........."The Hills Are Alive........". Okay that may be a little overboard but you get the idea!

So that's it guys. That's how we got here. If you're interested in the non dyeing side of things, you know the "married, kids, animals, age, favourite thing to eat” stuff you are welcome to send me a message. I look forward to sharing this crazy fibre journey with you. 

Stay wild and enjoy each stitch.

Erin Cooper